Why Choose Granite For Your Next Kitchen Countertop?

When you are looking for the best replacement for your kitchen countertop, there’s no better choice than a granite countertop from Southwest Michigan Granite. Offering a long-lasting improvement to your home’s cooking space, granite countertops also offer a range of benefits when compared to laminate countertop surfaces.

Countertops With Sanitary Surfaces

It’s important to make sure that your food preparation space is always clean when making any meal, snack, or dessert. One of the major advantages a granite countertop can offer is an easy to clean surface that helps prevent contaminants from coming into contact with your cooking. With a non-porous surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, granite kitchen countertops can easily be cleaned with mild soap and warm water, helping to ensure that you always have a clean surface.

A Long Lasting and Durable Addition to Your Kitchen Space

When you choose a custom granite countertop for your kitchen’s food preparation space, you are choosing a durable countertop that will last. Only requiring yearly resealing to maintain its surface, granite countertops are resistant to daily wear and tear, and will last for decades after their installation. Not only will a granite countertop make an excellent addition to your home while you live there, but Because of the longevity of granite, it can also help to raise your home’s value for when you are looking to sell.

Custom Countertops That Fit Your Tastes

When you are looking for a countertop matches and enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen, granite offers one of the largest selections of textures, colors, and patterns. The team at Southwest Michigan Granite is well experienced in creating countertops of any shape and size and are ready to cut custom granite countertops to fit the shape of almost any kitchen space. Whether you are looking for a granite countertop with cutouts for stovetops and sinks or are looking for a countertop with a kitchen island, you can always find a granite countertop that fits your kitchens specific shape and aesthetics with Southwest Michigan Granite.

Offering the largest selection of granite slabs in the area, you can find the custom granite countertop that can enhance your kitchen space with Southwest Michigan Granite. Schedule a Saturday appointment with us at our showroom online or contact us to learn more about the granite countertops offered by Southwest Michigan Granite.