What are the Benefits of a Custom Countertop From Southwest Michigan Granite?

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your kitchen it’s important to consider what difference your choice of countertop makes. Different materials offer different advantages, and while laminates may offer great economy, there’s no doubt that quartz and granite offer a variety of other benefits. Carrying the largest selection of quartz and granite slabs in Southwest Michigan, and able to cut high quality custom countertops, when you are looking for a proper replacement for your kitchen countertop, you cannot beat the selection of countertops offered by Southwest Michigan Granite. If you’re thinking of getting a custom countertop from Southwest Michigan, here are some of the important aspects to consider.

Durable Surfaces With Health Benefits

One of the main benefits of the custom countertops from Southwest Michigan Granite is their durability. Granite countertops offer some of the longest lasting surfaces. Resistant to daily wear and tear, a custom granite countertop offers a durable surface that will last, while only requiring a yearly resealing to ensure that they are properly maintained. Much like granite, quartz kitchen countertops also offer impressive durability. Resistant to chipping and cracking, quartz countertops are also resistant to heat and cold. Both quartz and granite countertops offer a sanitary surface. Easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water, Granite countertops offer nonporous surfaces that don’t harbor bacteria. Resistant to staining quartz also offers a surface that is extremely easy to clean, helping you maintain a clean food preparation surface. Whether you choose Granite or Quartz for your kitchen countertop, you will receive a durable surface that won’t harbor bacteria.

Add Style and Value to Your Home

Not only can a custom countertop provide you with a sanitary surface that will last, but it can also benefit you by improving your home’s value. A custom granite or quartz countertop will do a lot to bolster the aesthetics of your kitchen space, and because quartz and granite can last for years, they can also improve your home’s value for when the time comes to sell.

Offering a number of benefits, when you are redoing your kitchen, the custom quartz and granite countertops from Southwest Michigan Granite can make for an ideal upgrade. Carrying the largest selection of granite and quart slabs in their showroom in Kalamazoo, you’ll be able to find the perfect granite or quartz countertop to complete your kitchen. Request a quote today to begin planning your home’s custom countertop or contact us to learn more about how a granite countertop or quartz countertop can benefit your home.