3 Reasons to Consider Revamping and Replacing Your Home’s Kitchen Countertops

After spending a year inside, people across the country are taking long, hard looks at their home – including their kitchen countertops – and thinking about upgrades. Whether they’re looking to upscale their home by adding new décor or they’re interested in completely remodeling their kitchen, the last year has given people a lot to think about. But, what is a good, practical, and functional upgrade that you can make that will impact your everyday life? What’s a good option that’ll elevate the aesthetics of your home while also enhancing usability? Without a doubt, you should be considering new granite or quartz countertops!

Increase value

As a way to increase the usability of your home, new kitchen countertops are a solid choice. But, beyond that, they’re a decision that will impact the value of your home, helping to increase its appeal and price should you ever decide to sell.

Better performance

From chopping and spilling to heat and impact, countertops take a lot of abuse. Because of this, it pays to utilize a material that can withstand that abuse. Granite and quartz are, by nature, durable and stain resistant, which means they’ll stay pristine and attractive for years.


When you want a countertop look that nobody else has, granite and quartz are the answer. With each slab being absolutely unique, you can rest assured that nobody on Earth will have a kitchen like yours.

At Southwest Michigan Granite, we offer the area’s best assortment of high-quality granite and quartz slabs. Best of all, our experienced team can work with you to select the ideal slab for your project! We’ll field your questions, listen to your concerns, and help you find exactly what you need to build the kitchen of your dreams!